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By Garikai

I grew up in a mostly white area. went to a school where i was the only full black in my form. i know exactly how they think and how they get it twisted. 1 tried to tell me the reason why jamaica (he wanted to say black people but he 4rt he wud b clever by sayin jamaican people because i'm african) is struggling so much is because they are lazy and europeans are hard working lool. then i got someone else asking me why dont i follow the law if i believe in god, like the goverment's law was made by god hhahah. den i got others that are trying to tell me the war is so i can live peacefully here in uk with free medication and education like i need dat shit. then i got others that ask me who am i voting for like any of dem parties hav a niggaz needs in mind lol. den i got da feds pointing guns at my head chattin bout they herd on the radio theres a black guy wit a gun wearing a black cap so dey hav me up against da wall chattin shit to me for bout an hr wen all i wanted 2 do was keep it moving to my destination. den i got the judge tryin to send me to prison over a train ticket, yet my white mates are commiting violent crimes and still walking free. den in da classes i'm sittin der as da token black kid while dey put the roots film on n make me watch dat shit in a class full of white kids. den my niece comes home n says to me we're doing a play on the slave trade and all the white kids are gonna b whippin da black ones in da play. the only black history taught in school is da slave trade and the gorrilla unit in vietnam. while they sit there gloryfying european calture like choppin people's heads n stickin em on sticks in the town centre was a gd thing. or killing red indians and taking thier land was ok. or stealing abbariginee's land was kl. or forcing black people to join thier army n fight the chinese was a gd idea. from vikings to romans to usa army. den dey all hav the cheek to say i'm not judging you by the colour of your skin?? still da same old shit. dey are the most obiedient slaves in history. dey serve thier master well wether they realise he's satan or not. i try to wake up the innocent ones n try to make them understand that even after all you have done to every race on earth we still try to save you from hell. and you still don't wanna hear wa we got to say? dey still wrapped up in the physical and won't acknowledge thier spiritual side. like they don't dream, or they don't feel god's presents. like dey dont c the miricles around them everyday. or the karma that blatently happens right in frount of thier eyes e.g... wen da army took all that oil, karma came bk 2 em n dey lost most of it in the sea. but dey cant seem 2 see dat. dat vale is gonna b taken away one day and dey shall see. but all i kno is till dat dey dey will stick right beside ignorance money and power. and i kno for a fact most white people that read this will think i'm racist. I FUCKING SHOULD BE WITH ALL THE SHIT THEY DO BUT I'M NOT!! i dont hate or hold grudes or plot vengence. i refuse to be like dem. i'll just show dem love no matter how much dirt dey kick in my face because its in my nature to love and spread peace and spiritual truth. i aint gonna change for anybody ever.

<![CDATA[Derrick Jensen on identification]]>Sat, 20 Nov 2010 17:38:08 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/derrick-jensen-on-identificationI am not with Jensen on smashing civilization, because there is no civil-ization, there is a technopoly governed by the few at the expense of the many and that the relationship between technology and money is essentially what must be severed, not techn. He makes some interesting points, you can tell he at least thinks.
<![CDATA[I TAKE OFFENSE TO MY DEFENSE!!!!]]>Sat, 30 Oct 2010 04:31:05 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/i-take-offense-to-my-offense
By FadSmashers 

I take offense to you defending me.

You know what makes me happy? Being a complicit murderer. Here’s how it works.

1)      I do what I am told.

2)      Other people die (including my humanity) because of it.

3)      I get rewarded with tokens to buy shit I don’t need.

Simple. Like me.

And Banality. I fucking loves me some of that shit. I stockpile that shit, and get discounts when I buy it wholesale. I love not questioning anything except people questioning things, and doing whatever I can to preserve my faith in my store bought character, lest I need to take a loan buy another.

I wouldn’t want to be one of those people that other people (just like me) didn't want to be around because they were hellbent on self-defense. I take offense to my defense. I kick the shit out of myself everyday. 

I also take offense to the fact that you are saying I don’t give a fuck. Because I should be entitled to be a fucking complicit murderer and not even half to admit it.

I take offense to people who are not happy in the way I (those who programmed me) define happiness and 24/7 too, because it rains empathy on my parade of self-investment, which is desperately seeking a certificate of approval from the purveyors of this matrix of mediocrity.

I like aspiring for some piece of paper from some other monkey wearing a suit that says I am accredited at being a trite fucking tool, they seem nice enough.

To me this denotes success. Once I have wasted my life sucking dick and kissing ass, so to achieve a matured form of complacency, I will retire and help my children and grandkids do the same. I will tell my grandkids while getting on my knees, "OK guys heres how you do it". They will appreciate my wisdumb. 

I like saying things like “that motherfucker is crazy” or “That guy is way too serious” because it makes me feel better about the fact that I am an expendable moron who thinks like everyone else.

I like feeling more validated the bigger my paycheck is. I like being a hyena, and laughing any one out of the room because it unifies me and the others who also take offense to their own defense. 

I love doing the same fucking shit, day in and day out, then taking pictures of me doing this shit, and show it to others who do the same shit and are impressed at how well my behaviour approximates theirs.

I fucking love my rented space within the swarm and being moved by it to and fro. I love only moving if the person next to me pushes or pulls me one way, I love being at the whim of the conductor of this pop orchestra in which I assume for the sake of my self-abuse does not exist. I hate initiating anything, unless its to fuck someone else over or kiss the ass of someone who is. 

I only take seriously the opinions of people who would step on me, shit on me, and devour my soul if even the slightest opportunity presented itself to do so, yet anyone who comes to my defense I take offense to, simply because everyone is not like them.

If the news told me I needed to kill myself I would, so long as it was broadcast on at least 3 of the 5 networks all run by the same people, because majority rules. 

I like fitting in, whether into the cog of a wheel of a F-22 raptor, or the unknown agenda of the groupthinking herd, with no central focus other than shopping for more lies to plug the leaks in my bubble.

I like being told “you did a great job” at being a complicit murderer and keeping my mouth shut. 

I love being a numeric code in a binary processor, for which I do not know the manufacturer. I love only having meaning if it’s in relation to a bullshit “protocol".

I love TV, and being as disposable as I am reusable. 

I like it, and like that my only option is to like it.    

I love the fact that I have the police, politicians, bankers and an ubiquitious matrix of agreeable assholes on my side, ready to pounce on anyone who dare question my right to take offense to your defense, like a bloodthirsty hyena with dollar signs in its eyes. Because I am thinking animal, a fucking tool. A free roaming, half awake head full of bad ideas, and I got the papers to prove it.


<![CDATA[Free-radicals kill (???) strange metaphors of the post-post-modern mindfuck]]>Wed, 29 Sep 2010 07:52:31 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/free-radicals-kill-strange-metaphors-of-the-post-post-modern-mindfuck
-FS's (late at night, somewhere) 
I was thinking tonight about medical terminology, specifically, about the concept of 'free radicals' and how this metaphorically seals our fate with regard to how we treat social dissidents.

Think about it, 'free radicals' are said to be the leading cause of aging and thus death, does that not seem appropriate for a society asphyxiated on fearing establishment groomed terrorist and other boogeymen. one who is hellbent on stamping out any dissent that would compromise the vitality of this oppressive machine?

According to Ziopedia:

"The free-radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. While a few free radicals such as melanin are not chemically reactive, most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive. For most biological structures, free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage. Antioxidants are reducing agents, and limit oxidative damage to biological structures by passivating free radicals."

Anyways just something to think about :) 

<![CDATA[Midnight ramblings on the Sin-gularity]]>Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:57:12 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/midnight-ramblings-on-the-sin-gularity


Our minds can no longer keep pace with the growing abundance of information as we near the pinnacle of the communications singularity. Every piece of information, (due to the sheer amount of information) must be tactfully glazed over, sparing encoded, partly stored and effectively forgotten, as there is simply too much bullshit going on for us to have a sustained interest in something for longer then 5 minutes, we are driven like dogs to a gut truck, to and fro, corralled here and there at the whim of the senior editors every ejaculation, no time to stop and learn how to swim, much less get our feet wet. It is the “telescoping nature of evolution” to borrow a phrase, as throughout our species development and our adoption of consciousness, evolution becomes accelerated as the potential of body is exponentially multiplied by mind and sublimated into these instruments that extend our sensory and physical capacities beyond our wildest dreams, only to boil to a crescendo when digital and biological ingenuity collide, all under the control of unelected oligarchs and plutocrats who we all hope will be just with this power. For example it took millions of years to begin civilization, thousands of years to invent electricity, hundred of years to invent the automobile, and a decade to invent the internet. If a species ethics are not sound prior to reaching the apex n the natural progression, it will amount to an oppression only known to the animals they now unsparingly consume. 



You likely know what I mean when I speak of being bombarded by overwhelming amounts of information, one look at your “live” facebook news feed confirms this, if your like me you need to scroll through 10 pages of utter horseshit just to get up to speed as to what people have been deluding themselves with for the past half hour. Something that is headline news one day, is eclipsed with wave after wave of reports of catastrophe, corruption, death, and destruction, peppered amongst your naive friends location updates, relationship statuses and miserable attempts at morality in their gratuitous addition of cause apps (?), to a point in which anything that happened more then 15 minutes ago is necessarily old news. 



I have previously explained my theory with regards to the positive relationship between the minimalism of content and the abundance of content, in that the more content there is, it must necessarily be more narrow, shallow and quick to process. I explained this as a progression in the way stories were told throughout history. Showing how the creative and timeless element of story telling has been supplemented by a copious abundance of insignificant real time trivialities. For example I explained the advent of reality TV (which now dominates all television) as a consequence of the exhaustion of our libidinal capacity to innovate new ideas, and our inert and impotent prefabricated culture of lies, this itself is another by-product of the cultural singularity (the increasing homogeneity of culture). What began as original and innovative forms of propaganda have now been reduced to re-runs of reality TV shows, and this will soon be supplanted by the emerging market that is, real time news, all the time, anytime, about everything, and everyone, no innovation simply a perfected means of editing out anything that is of real benefit to humankind, to the benefit of the profit margins of cancerous imperialists.



Bad news is not in short supply, and how could we expect anything else in this era of consequences. As I have explained before if we look at the progression of media throughout history we can anticipate that the future of entertainment involves solely bad news. We got really wasted and now its time for the hangover. No TV shows, no tired reruns, just in your face fuck you real time reality, but not "real" reality of course, I am talking about that "augmented" shit they are passing off as reality. The epochalypse is a term I use to describe the accumulation of these singularities, the point in which the smart grid starts thinking more then the dumb dumbs it empowers, it’s the point in which the increasingly overwhelming amount of information becomes so overwhelming, that we demand to be oppressed for the sake of simplifying our lives, it will happen ever so incrementally yet build to a crescendo in the coming years. A key aspect of any singularity be it cultural, technological, or social is this:


When the creation process becomes automated and is no longer susceptible to human intervention. So imagine a point in which artificial intelligence is able to create better versions of itself, this is the classic example which can be applied to any singularity, for example with culture it’s the point in which the homogenous nature of art becomes self-guiding and is entirely devoid of actual human involvement and when what is produced is determined by the environment, not the actors within it. 


The epochalypse will materialize in every domain and discipline, be it physical (cybernetics, genetic enhancement), technological (artificial intelligence to moderate the system instead of intelligence agencies!), anthropological/ cultural (the point of cultural monotony and total monopoly, the homogenization of culture) psychological (the point in which the collective narcissism of peoples individuality fully neuters their ability to be act like individuals).



We have already been suckered into allowing the internet to become a hive mind/ Gaia/ Eywa equivalent which would not be so unnerving was it not entirely controlled by a handful of people and de facto websites and social media, a place where anyone can access anything from anywhere, providing information about everything in real time, all at the editorial whim of the unelected members of mindfuck inc. Excessive security measures have been implemented in all western societies to control hoards of zombies crying like the spoiled little bitches they are because they are being called out for consuming 80% of the planets resources, usuriously acting on their primitive unconscious desires through ways that are socially acceptable to the neurotic mindfuck, with the assistance of Zions nukes overseeing their energy supply required to fuel this TOTAL WASTE OF EVERYTHING. New technology from laser tasers to ray guns to iDrones to satellite x-ray  facial recognition to “smart” technology of all varieties are poised to readily crackdown on the most minute display of social dissent committed by the encapsulated minds of nation iTard. The people can only now watch in desensitized horror and passing disgust as the banking swindlers bask in their new found security having offloaded the responsibilities of the panopticon onto the self-censoring gridlocked avatards, from the comfort of the Burj Dubai with Osama Bin Laden indulging in copious amounts of hookers and blow in the background, with nurses and organ donors on call. This is the fucking future my friends/ infiltrators. 



This is the true essence of the NEW world order, and is the only thing that is truly new, the only thing new is the automated method of controlling people. The ‘system’ for the first time ever is not just an abstract concept, rather a collection of variables within equations, fully automated for your convenience, and it now has been given a form in ubiquitous surveillance. They were able to do this by intentionally complicating life, and then offering some regulatory mechanism for your convenience. Standard problem, reaction, solution. Take for instance the facebook live feed, and how they are slowly trying to phase it into a solely “top news” feed, in which what is shown to say is said to reflect a combination of what you find relevant and of course what Facebook finds relevant because they realize there is no way you can effectively use so much information.


In the meantime the fucking world is burning, and that is no overstatement. To meet the worlds unrelenting lust for cheap shit and new iPods every fucking month the earth is being devoured for by greedy resource whores, and “investors” who remotely, through a series of socially acceptable hoops and red tape, are strip-mining, ripping and dipping deeper and deeper into the deepest crevasse of the great mother to keep their meaningless hierarchical pyradigm foisted on all of us . As there is no end in sight to this dick lengthening contest, we would be wise to expect the exponential increase in conflict and struggle to occupy what remains of our minds throughout this pre-mature transition. 



The only solution to this evolutionary conundrum is a bona fide global revolution, (not of the financed trotskyite sort) and the only way to have a feasible revolution that will not simply come to reflect its former state of oppression is to adopt a new means of communication. I am a firm believer that you cannot have a revolution unless there is a innovative technological revolution to accompany it. Anything ado with the internet is literally enemy territory so to rely on it to foster meaningful change and truly subversive dialog, is profoundly naïve, and indeed fadsmashers is well aware of the limits of this approach. We must not merely innovate ideas, but also technology, I don't speak of mere hardware, rather improvements in our wetware, a revolution in the way we think. It all starts with believing nothing, especially me, it comes with being critical, a democracy isn't worth a fuck if people cannot effectively make decisions. We need to teach people to THINK again, and I don't mean reeducate like this morally moronic Zeitgeist bunch has in mind (who piss me off more and more everyday because of their persistent dodging of questions, and downright ignorance in debates) thats all for show. The only way to survive the epochalypse and come out a human being on the other side is to question everything, question the questioners, and even those questioning the questioners. People say "well wont this make for a indecisive schizopolis"? NO. It will make for a society of THOUGHTFUL individuals (we have been trained to call them cynics and pessimists because they see through the bullshit) who will collectively use LOGIC and EMPATHY to deal with the problems we face as a species.    


And we could.


<![CDATA[One possible future]]>Fri, 10 Sep 2010 23:07:39 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/one-possible-future

By Nathan Human
The future is a broadband narrow minded fuck you to the face.


The future is annual mandatory brain scans of all citizens for their own good, it is mind jack iPhone apps and failed revolutions initiated by anonymous avatards,


The future is a listless nanotechnopolis, a youtubular full scale spectrum exploitation of the organic membrane of earth. It is an ubiquitous orgy of usurious ass whoring mental confusion,


It is rationed food paste injected through a port in your chest, it is one of augmented mentalities and moral monopoly, feces powered iPods, and Blackwater laser tazers,


The future will get boring before it arrives, the future is desensitized 


The future is your grandmother forming inseparable bonds with humanoid robots that wipe their ass and put them to bed, it is a future of lithium powered senior citizens in exoskeletons working in body mulching factories with no holiday pay,


The future is an automated autocratic god awful head thromp of anthropic delusion, it is being elevated by galactic virgins into the mighty heavens… it is Richard Bronson suspended in cryosleep deep in the Icelandic seed vault with explosions going off in the background,


It is as incognito as it is in vitro, indeed, no originals just sequels all hierarchy and no equals,


It is eggs made from sperm cells, as the Walmart jails swell into the parking lots where the night armies dwell, it is online thoughtsex and virtual prostitution,  it is endless truth dilution,


It is an interchangeable stem-cellular generic matrix of homogenous mindfuck mediocrity,


It is robot guards for Walmart managers in the post-epochalyptic scream infested streets, it is remote controlled canine units for the robot police, it is a garbage dump of fragile sterility, a wasteland of depleted energy,


It is micro chipped e-tards, RF-Ids and virtual superegos being pecked by vultures in the European desert,


The future is robot recalcitrance and organic resistance, 24/7 live feeds from your forced contact lens implant broadcast to the world,


The future is DNA self-patenting and the literal selling of self, it is free running cyber monkies, intoxicated vaccine junkies, ass whipped Zion flunkies. 


The future is the past, enjoy your present while it lasts. 




-Nathan Human

]]><![CDATA[The FunDUMBental Attribution Error]]>Sun, 29 Aug 2010 19:14:24 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/the-fundumbental-attribution-error
What would happen if the fundamental attribution error (defined below) was reversed in all aspects of human judgment to the fullest extent possible?


In social psychology, the fundamental attribution error (also known as correspondence bias or attribution effect) describes the tendency to over-value dispositional or personality-based explanations for the observed behaviors of others while under-valuing situational explanations for those behaviors. The fundamental attribution error is most visible when people explain the behavior of others. It does not explain interpretations of one's own behavior—where situational factors are often taken into consideration. This discrepancy is called theactor-observer bias.The term was coined by Lee Ross[1] some years after a now-classic experiment by Edward E. Jones and Victor Harris (1967).[2] Ross argued in a popular paper that the fundamental attribution error forms the conceptual bedrock for the field of social psychology.

Jones wrote that he found Ross's term "overly provocative and somewhat misleading", and also joked, "Furthermore, I'm angry that I didn't think of it first."[
citation needed] More recently some psychologists, including Daniel Gilbert, have begun using the term "correspondence bias" for the fundamental attribution error.[3][4]

<![CDATA[The Stars that burn brightest ]]>Sat, 28 Aug 2010 00:14:29 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/the-stars-that-burn-brightest

By Pawel Fryga

August 26th 2010

27 years on this Planet Earth have taught me many things.

The true revolutionary is motivated by a deep and sincere love for his fellow man, especially in the face of institutionalized hate, brutality, and violence.

Having been exposed to many convincing arguments from many convincing "isms", I am, at all times, forced to synthesize an interpretation of reality which is consistent with not only the current state of affairs, but with what may come in the future.

I am filled with hope and human pride when I consider the potential of a liberated humanity.

A massive and comprehensive shift from a global central bank war economy into a sustainable, representative, progressive series of movements which deliver the much-needed commodities and dignity denied so many in todays unsustainable parade of psychosis-driven totalitarian systems is possible. It is inevitable.

Humanity, and the Planet Earth will prevail.

This is the obvious outcome, and the only eventual outcome.

I straddle the ideological fault lines, jumping from right to left on an issue-by-issue basis in an attempt to sincerely present my understandings and intentions to the world, and to any possible allies.

In these times I would stress that we must be at least a little forgiving in our assesment of other potential allies.

We are all approaching this from our individual paths in this life.

Many of these paths will interconnect, and some will collide with great energy.

However, the stakes in this game are now higher than ever before.

I do not joke when I say that the future of humanity lies in the hands of the socially conscious, the vigilant, the brave, the aware, the concerned, and the enraged.

To fully undertake the responsibility of protecting humanity, we must, to the greatest extent possible, practice diligence
not only in building and communicating with our present brethren, whoever they may be...we must stretch out our hands to each other if we are to have any hope of defeating our collective enemies in this lifetime, or the next.

---As part of the plan to destroy Poland, the Nazis engaged in cultural genocide in which they destroyed or closed universities and high schools, libraries, museums and national monuments as well as scientific institutes and laboratories.[25] Polish children were forbidden from acquiring education beyond the elementary level so that a new generation of Polish leaders could not arise in the future.[25]. According to a May, 1940, memo from Heinrich Himmler: "The sole goal of this schooling is to teach them simple arithmetic, nothing above the number 500; writing one's name; and the doctrine that it is divine law to obey the Germans. I do not think that reading is desirable."[25] The Poles responded with the "Secret Teaching" (Tajne Nauczanie) a campaign of underground education.---



Revolution is a Lifestyle

Resistance is Victory

Education leads to Awareness


Long Live Humanity

God Save The Earth

<![CDATA[Stop Wanting the Tea Party to Save You with the Election Process by Big John Lipscomb]]>Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:24:43 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/stop-wanting-the-tea-party-to-save-you-with-the-election-process-by-big-john-lipscomb* I have blogged about this in depth, here is what a real libertarian has to say about it! This isn't geared to those Bush votes who simply migrated over to the tea party, you people are nearly past the point of remission motivated by your own selfish bullshit fantasy but heres hoping.

by Big John Lipscomb

Will this ever stop?
I warned you two years ago. How many times do people have to see their hope decimated before they grow up and accept reality? The system is so corrupted, it doesn’t matter who you elect!
These silly tea party people running around thinking they will elect a new Congress, as did Americans four years ago when they grew tired of the Bush war and elected dozens of new Democrats. As I asked you a year ago, how’d that work out for you? Of course, they also though a socialist/communist Obama would shower them with Nirvana, but how’d that work out for you? Most good and awake people in this nation also fell for the scam of Ron Paul will save us notion. Like I said a couple of years ago on my second radio show of nearly eight hundred, if Ron Paul is legit, how would he ever get anything done with that Congress and the never ending propaganda media? But nobody ever sees it clearly because they are clouded by their illusions.

Over and over, insane people do the same thing although they get the same failed results. They can’t help themselves because they are so tightly conformed and manipulated, they cannot see any other solution. So around and around they go, too stupid to be embarrassed.

The tea party woke up today with a sudden change in the momentum. Of course they are never savvy enough to realize that the voting machine and system is rigged, no matter how many qualified experts have now proven that election fraud is rampant. Why? Because they don’t want to know. People, and it very likely, you are one of them, don’t want the truth. They can’t handle it and they can’t deal with it. As it begins to close in on them they avoid looking at it like a child hides under his blankets in attempt to make it all go away. Ignorance, if it is not bliss, they figure, at least it is better that truth.

As a result, all of us are neck high in dung. Can’t hardly breathe, can barley wiggle our toes and as people walk by, we smile and pretend everything is good and normal. We all know what the solution is, but nobody wants life to get hard. So, they continue to sell their soul, day after day. Working for the beast that is killing them. Ignoring the bully that keeps smacking them in the back of the head and laughing at the lack of response. Come to think about it, there is something oddly funny about how willing people are to be abused. They just pretend it doesn’t hurt. They imagine the bully will eventually tire of beating on them and finally leave them alone. But he doesn’t. All he does is grow more confident that the abused is incapable of responding. Much like a lab rat getting electrified. If it has no option to stop the pain, it just crawls over to the corner and allows the electricity to pulse through its body for days before it dies.

I thought you were better and stronger than that. I hoped that the better people in this nation and around the world would eventually get angry and start breathing heavily as their intensity mounted. Then, I figured, they would slowly stand, turn towards their nemeses and give that deep dark stare, moments before lashing out and beheading the scourge of this planet! So, I guess in the end, I too, have my illusions.]]>
<![CDATA[The shit-hitting-fan market and why shitty news is the future of entertainment]]>Mon, 07 Jun 2010 08:03:03 GMThttp://www.fadsmashers.com/ranting/the-shit-hitting-fan-market
Human-Dissociated press June 6th 2010
How storytelling morphed into reading the news off a teleprompter
In the beginning there were original stories (legends, folklore, mythology) complete with protagonists, antagonists and other token characters usually of a religious theme who were manifested with humankinds many intuitive literary forms. Then came the remakes of those stories which typically sought to revise and better produce those stories (like a book to a movie) in their attempts to communicate the stories more approximately, this of course had the effect of limiting the amount of imagination that was required to comprehend it (something I will talk about in just a bit). Then there were reruns and remastering which amounted to a fine grooming and repackaging of these ‘classic’ stories in the most up to date media format replete with advertisements for shit from China. Not to long afterwards came what is mistakenly termed “reality” TV, and surely enough it is also approaching the end of its rope and as I will argue will also be replaced solely by "news". 

So we have this progression: (You can skip this part if you want its purely shorthand theoretical pretentious horseshit!!!)

Temporally bound narratives (ex. hieroglyphics were archetype is first expressed in basic communicative form)>>>> 

Religious literature (dynamic illustration, mythology)>>> 

Plays, dramas, characters, literary forms>>> 

Revisions/ of stories/ remakes in different circumstance etc/ production upgrades>>> 


Reality TV (semi-atemporal/ not quite real time narrative)>>>

THE NEWS (atemporal, omnipresent, ongoing narrative albeit heavily propaganda laden). >>>>

*Note the increasingly atemporal aspect of this progression in that we are increasingly less interested in 'stories' with beginnings and endings. 'Education' happens at every level and is contingent of course on the truth of the content therein.


The evolution of ‘narratives’ is one that has increasingly replaced the imaginative responsibility of the viewer with an utter compliance and faith in the author and to their ever more detailed and complex depictions/ descriptions of events, to a point in which the faintest degree of open-endedness or narrative dissent triggers an obtuse form of cultural anxiety which essentially amounts to a fear of having to choose (that human right we feel so compelled to defend), and usually means you can kiss your academy award goodbye! How ironic is it that we have arrived at this -fear of choice- while also allegedly at the highpoint of the age of individualism? What does this say about the integrity of our longings to be individuals? Is it bullshit? Who knows. That’s an interesting question in itself but what I really want to talk about in this article is the post-reality-TV era, that is, the phase that will succeed the 'reality TV' craze.

This shift in itself will mark the transition into the cultural singularity (discussed in a bit). The current media of choice has went well beyond fake reality TV to appease our endless desire for easily processed bad news that is being broadcast from a safe distance, leaving absolutely no room for imagination whatsoever, leaving our RIGHT brains to rot. So its no suprise we have grown frail in this respect, incapable of navigating without the aid of google maps, incapable writing an essay without a designated format and incapable of discerning truth without "official" citations. 

They do demand we retain some of our imaginative power however, just enough that we can imagine the omnipotent force which watches over us in a fantastic myriad of ways, so we can imagine how the people who run this world are shapeshifting lizards who are using us for our negative energy instead of rich psychotic hominids protected by roid freaks with guns. No the former is far more sensible of course. 

This form of media is commonly referred to as the "alternative news" a direct consequence of the one and only “NEWS”. Which of course is the main subject of our talk today. Wherever you are, you can assuredly find what your looking for (ads) in between news stories (yes they are in actuality still stories because they are 99% bullshit, I know that makes it confusing so lets assume its somehow true in that context).

When I watch the news online, all the stories are separated by ads, and this isn’t counting the ads in the media coverage itself, whether it be the latest Facebook privacy controversy (which in itself drives millions to the website) or apples leaked iPhone, that clearly wasn’t intentionally leaked to create hype… at all, its become obvious that the News is nothing more than a commodity itself, and this has likely been clear for some time, however the market has boomed in the past few years immensely, and the media has acquired a new dangerous dependency on shit hitting fan IN REALITY to pay their Israeli shareholders. 

There is no doubt some finite limitations to the human storytelling capability as well. That is, there are a finite number of fundamental roles, plots, narrative structures, movements in time and space etc. that a human being or any protagonist for that matter can assume, not even counting the limited language it is written in. Thus its only a matter of time before we run out of ideas because what is appropriate for the mainstream is only that which is trimmed of originality and realism so its amendable to our brainwashed minds. Its actually not that we have run out of ideas, so much as reaching the limits of the demands for those ideas. There is a reason why festival flicks will always be festival flicks, its because people by and large do not want to think or be inspired unless they are being inspired to do stupid shit on an unconscious level like kill people who they are told "wanted to kill them first". The cultural singularity is the point when these mass produced stories so longer satiate our cathartic longings, we live in an era when only a movie that costs 500 million can reach a fraction of the world... (i.e. avatard). The nature of our society further limits these stories in its quest for ‘Hollywood endings’, thus it is trimmed of anything existential, and certainly hasn’t adequately psychologically prepared us for the next big thing in entertainment which is: The News. EVERYWHERE, ANYTHING, ANYTIME.

Mankind’s psyche has been theorized to consist of a range of finite archetypes (the hero, the actor, the king etc) all of which have seemed to have exhausted potential in Hollywood. The rise in popularity of reality TV compliments this saturation of ideas, and echoes the social narcissism of western culture which itself has been adapted to supplement this growing void of human creativity, while marking the demise of authentic and original works of art. The once fertile landscape for ideas has become standardized desert of predictability, with few points of nourishment and there is simply no organic soil for these new ideas to grow and evolve and take root, asides from mutated notions that are propaganda ready, those can grow anywhere (but mind your copyright). What happens then is that culture becomes stagnant, nothing new is sewn, so we end up being that which we fear the most i.e. mindless fucking clones of other clones.

With the monetization of culture came an acquired sense of urgency in our lives, living to live was no longer sufficient in appeasing our turbulent existence, the goal now was to live for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and look busy today damn it! Art would no longer suffice in serving the aesthetic needs of the narcissistic populous that were tiring of using their imagination to fill in the gaps of the story, they needed more time to need more time to need more time and so on. Laugh tracks for example would no longer provide enough relief from this responsibility, and people were no longer fooled nor could they be so easily cued to exhibit emotion in the modern day. Today only reality will suffice. This quest for something real is (not surprisingly) in all actuality an inversion of our material pursuits which are by and large fake and fabricated (not counting utterly insane from a objective point of view). The extent to which people long for reality is the extent to which they have been deprived of it. Sadly however the reality TV they get is usually as far from reality as possible and typically serves the function of refining our misconceptions about what reality is, as well as providing a great venue for advertisers who want to show us how to live. Now the days of survivor and American idol are numbered, there is a new form of entertainment on the scene, and it is called REALITY and people are starving for it, the problem is they are being fed genetically modified, irradiated disinformation instead of nourishing truths about the world with which they live.

This current form of entertainment is not without its many drawbacks of course which is the primary purpose of this talk.
For starters it demands endless bad news. It means that in order to entertain people you need to some form of disaster or bad news to be happening constantly, through which they can vicariously live through, endowing them with some faint memory of what it means to be vital while residing in their little over the counter matchbox in the gated community on the hill, working the bullshit job with there bullshit friends who are all exactly the same as them and what nothing more for them then the nothing they also aspire to. Something to ooh and awe against, something to get mad about, something to be outraged at, something to bring us to tears and prompt the expression of all of those things our society taught us to view were symptoms of a weak mind (emotions), and only when marketable. This frail fabric of civilization is now held together (its members emotionally satisfied) by its members appeasement in witnessing its own demise; that is, when self-destruction became a commodity, the system will have begun devouring itself, like a starving person subsisting off their own muscle tissue. That is, when the system with nowhere else to turn, and with no hope in sight begins to subsist off of its own substance to stay alive it will become its own parasite, its own infection, its own demise. This is what’s happening right now. We are devouring ourselves because there is nothing left outside worthy of our 3 second recognition asides from CHAOS, DEATH, BAD BAD BAD. Its never of the actual 'real' sort, its always some agenda serving bullshit that we are supposed to get all teary eyed about so people who don't give a fuck can carry on not giving a fuck. Indeed it is bad, it fucking sucks. What sucks more is how we say it sucks in one respect and contradict ourselves by partaking in it. (I the author am humbly and honestly not immune)  

Whether its 24hr live feeds of environmental destruction, leaked videos of American robotic airplanes shooting innocent civilians, cell phone coverage of police brutality or long line ups of people waiting to get the jab, the truth is evident; the new form of entertainment IS SHIT HITTING THE FUCKING FIZZ-AN . This is post-reality TV mindfuck, and it is the future of entertainment. IT IS THE ONLY FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT. It is mistakenly called infotainment, but anyone who is aware of how "the news" is actually made realizes that this is a far cry from ‘information’. Remember that movie the running man? If you haven’t never mind, if you have then… you get what I am saying. The movie basically depicts a future in which our obsession with reality TV and our own social repression has prompted into existence a game show that as a consequence has people put through a gauntlet of challenges in order to stay alive, playing on the carnal bloodlest that has pervaded human societies since the days of Rome and beyond. We have done the task one better!!! Instead of an actual reality show as depicted in the movie, we will save our froth for SHIT ACTUALLY HITTING FAN!!! We will get some doritos and watch the BP live feed on a huge fuck the earth 50 inch screen. Why create a show, write scripts, pay actors etc, when the best stories are embedded in this massive fiction of which we are apart called culture. We are entering what I refer to as the cultural singularity, the moment in which cultures becomes devoid of any imagination, any human dimension, pure 100% efficiency mindless complacency will implode, and this whole facade will come crashing down. It is the point in which we become our own source of entertainment, a world of catastrophe based product placement, vicarious adventures, survivalist products and inconsequential social media teleprotests and "cause" apps, anything to keep our minds occupied. 

The alternative media shills who claim to sell the truth are not immune to this criticism and are in many ways at the forefront of this new economic rebel pyradigm. They purport to be the “realest” of the real media (i.e. news), some even giving themselves names like “the real news”, knowing full well that the -reality complex-(as spun by culture of lies) of many will cloud their vision enough to permit a donation, buy a t-shirt and pretend like they are privileged with "knowledge" above the rest in turn indoctrinating them into elitism. these agencies claim to be the real that is absent in the lives of so many, when they are in fact a gross overcompensation who themselves have fallen victim to the zeitgeist of lies it claims to hope to transcend, they too have an investment in shit hitting the fan. So long as they trade in credits I guarantee you: THEY HAVE AN INVESTMENT IN SHIT HITTING THE FAN!!!

The truth is we buy with our attention power (similar to purchasing power), when you go to a news website or even television, and are drawn to the most negative story being offered we are choosing more news of the type in subsequent reports, we need to ask ourselves what sort of self-defeating mechanism we are operating on when we do this. Which part of our action is justified, curious, and seeks justice, and which side just seeks a compensative thrill to sound more educated then we are while talking about it to people steeped in sheepdom. 

Luckily for rich evil fucks, the bad news is not in short supply in fact we are approaching a singularity of bad news so to speak, a point at which there is so much bad news THEY WONT BE ABLE TO GIVE THE NEWS ANYMORE!!!!!

Indeed the media is bullshit, everythings a lie, everything is corrupt, but it comes to a point when we will this into existence, our endless thirst for reality is to replace oceans with picket signs, calm captivity with unenlightened go nowhere rebel cliches and martyrs on Chinese T-shirts and celebrity bullhorns auctioned on ebay. While we all sit here and anticipate the big finale with a blend of intrigue, fear and satisfaction we are also expecting to leave the theater afterwards...

but that my friends doesn’t happen in reality.